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Massagen in Köln


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Ayurvedic Massage
The body as a temple of the soul

Massages with natural oils are part of the ayurvedic understanding of health. An Abhyanga massage, a special ayurvedic massage, is a whole body massage using oil. The combination of touching and a lot of oil improve the balance of the so called Doshas (the three types of human life energy: Vata, Pitta, Kapha). With the help of an ayurvedic massage the life energy resting within every human is able to flow more freely through the energy channels, resulting in regeneration and revitalization. Ayurvedic massages do not affect the muscles as much as a Hawaiian massage for example, that is why it presents the ideal entrance to a fulfilling experience of massaging. The ayurvedic massage overall has a very cleansing effect.

Massages do not replace medical relevant treatments, but can considerably contribute to health promotion.

For appointments call: 0163 / 869 16 75
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